Wednesday, January 18, 2012

We use internet for almost everything: to work, for fun, to meet people ... And much of that time was spent on social networks. This is where we hang photos, find old friends, organize events and recommend content to friends.

  Adman Media goal is to enable brands to recognized the value that our recommendations do for them. So, they connect advertisers and consumers and get them to acquire a value and an online reputation that makes financial rewards.

Part of a philosophy in which everyone wins: the companies make social media promotions on a non-intrusive, efficient, and users get segmented income prescribe brands and products to those friends to whom they might like.
There are different types of ads:

     Pay Per Click: Every time someone click on the link we post will win a lot, usually in excess of € 0.15 (not wrong).
     Payment for Purchase: Every time someone directed to a website via our link make a purchase, make money (price varies depending on the product and the website you can reach the 13 perfectly for a single purchase).

Welcome to Adman Media, the platform that recognizes the value of your recommendations.


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